GRW Investment Tracking

Comprehensive investment tracking

track stock & crypto positions, passive income streams, and investment accounts easily, securely, and all in one place with GRW

The mission:

The mission is to provide a secure and intuitive investment tracking platform that allows investors to track all of their positions, accounts, and passive income streams in a single place - safely and easily

The mot​ivation:

The motivations come from the belief that there are no simple, easy to use investment tracking solutions that allow users to track their diverse portfolios and passive income without ​having to give up your valuable login data or link accounts

Active > Passive
GRW is an active investment tracking tool - meaning that users are in control of manually adding, editing, and removing positions.  Being more hands on with the way you track your investments can help you feel more in control and knowledgeable of the positions you own


The process:

Step 1  Add it

After you open a new position, add it to GRW by navigating to the 'Add position' page and answering a few simple questions about whatever it is that you just acquired 

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The features:

Track your stock & crypto positions with real-time data and analyze important metrics like current price, current value, cost basis, profit/loss, portfolio weight and more