GRW Investment Tracking

Comprehensive & secure investment tracking

track stock & crypto positions, passive income streams, and investment accounts easily, securely, and all in one place with GRW

The features

The steps

Add it

After you open a new position, add it to GRW by navigating to the 'Add position' page and answering a few simple questions about whatever it is that you just acquired 

Track it

Explore your latest balances & passive income status, look over your account & asset allocations, and dive into your passive income streams once you add your positions

Change it

If anything ever changes and you need to update or close a position, follow the prompts on the 'Edit positions' page where you can choose from a variety of edits to make

The feedback

The pricing



- Track up to 5 different investment positions
- Follow up to 2 passive income streams
- Follow up to 5 stocks on your watchlist
- Follow up to 5 cryptocurrencies on your watchlist
- View your transaction history in the app

Full access


- ​Track unlimited investment positions
- Follow unlimeted passive income streams
- Track unlimited stocks and crypto on your watchlist
- Option to export your transaction data